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Honk (Yukari/Nyamo, 700 words, PG-13)
Kanpai (Yukari/Nyamo, 649 words, NC-17)
Pillowed (Yomi/Tomo, 1323 words, R)
Tail (Sakaki/Kagura, 4433 words, R)

Detailed masterlist found here.

Detailed masterlist found here.

A Bird In Hand (Dick/Tim, 2523 words, NC-17)
Abracadamnher (Harley/Zatanna, 1308 words, NC-17)
After Hours (Lois/Diana, 250 words, PG)
A Labour Of Love (Ivy/Harley, 250 words, PG)
Alcohol And Algae (Selina/Harley, 435 words, PG)
All The Frills (Jason/Tim, 496 words, PG-13)
Anything Goes (Diana/Grace, 250 words, NC-17)
Apple Of My Eye (Kon/Tim, 3631 words, NC-17)
Assailed (Selina/Harley, 737 words, R)
At Her Altar (Barbara/Dinah, 471 words, NC-17)
Back To Scratch (Barbara/Selina, 550 words, PG-13)
Ballroom Blitz (Helena/Dinah, 494 words, R)
Banana-Creamed (Selina/Ivy/Harley, 473 words, PG-13)
Bleed-Through (Tim/Kon, 1205 words, R)
Blueberry Bubbles (Selina/Harley, 250 words, G)
Boy Wondering (Tim/Kon, 1049 words, NC-17)
Brush Up Against That Edge (Kon/Bart, 2028 words, NC-17)
Bubblegum Conundrum (Riddler/Harley, 327 words, G)
Café Au Lait (Kon/Tim, 1171 words, R)
Celebrating Long And Slow (Renee/Kate, 921 words, NC-17)
Chase Me Down (Kon/Cass, 347 words, G)
Click (Tim/Kon/Cassie/Bart, 462 words, G)
Click Of Her Fingers (Damian/Steph, 1052 words, NC-17)
Cotton Candy Clouds (Dick/Clark, 443 words, PG-13)
Cracks In The Concrete (Selina/Bruce, 810 words, NC-17)
Deadly Desire (Ivy/Steph, 243 words, PG-13)
Deep On Down (Bruce/Jason, 400 words, NC-17)
Denying Denial (Tim/Jason, 400 words, NC-17)
Devil In A Green Dress (Guy/Kyle, 495 words, PG-13)
Dogged Days (Jason/Dick, 1261 words, R)
Downtime (Rose/M'gann, 300 words, NC-17)
Ecneitapmi Si Ton A Eutriv (Zatanna/Selina, 850 words, NC-17)
Encore (Ev/Dinah, 250 words, NC-17)
Fade To Black (Knockout/Scandal, 260 words, NC-17)
Falling Fast (Kon/Steph, 499 words, PG)
Feedback Loop (Vic/Gar, 2530 words, NC-17)
Fetching (Kon/Tim, 4551 words, NC-17)
Following Orders (Barbara/Helena/Dinah, 250 words, NC-17)
Flipped-Off (Dick/Harley, 496 words, G)
Footloose (Steph/Cass, 1201 words, NC-17)
Gasping (Anissa/Grace, 868 words, NC-17)
Glide (Steph/Cass, 970 words, PG)
Got A Handle On It (Rose/Cassie, 1011 words, NC-17)
Green Fingered (Rose/M'gann, 940 words, NC-17)
Green With Frenzy (Kon/Tim, 2943 words, NC-17)
Hands, Knees, Eggplant (Steph/Jason, 1532 words, NC-17)
Holding Shares (Cass/Steph/Jason, 717 words, NC-17)
Hoodwinked (Jason/Jason, 1733 words, NC-17)
Ignition (Connor/Tim, 1753 words, NC-17)
Immunity (Harley/Ivy, 220 words, R)
Indolent Indulgence (Tim/Cassie/Kon/Bart, 1290 words, PG-13)
In-Flight Entertainment (Hal/Bruce, 1111 words, NC-17)
Inhumane (Kate/Steph, 1182 words, NC-17)
Inside Out (Ivy/Harley, 1423 words, PG-13)
Intuitively (Dinah/Barbara, 250 words, PG-13)
I Scream, You Scream (Tim/Kon, 1634 words, PG)
Language Of Lust (Steph/Cass, 1153 words, NC-17)
Lay It On Me (Dinah/Ev, 1671 words, NC-17)
Lemon And Sugar (Roy/Dick/Garth, 1700 words, NC-17)
Look Me Over (Steph/Cass, 751 words, R)
Love In The Shadows (Steph/Kate, 186 words, PG-13)
Lucky Charms (Rose/M'gann, 661 words, PG-13)
Marred And Feathered (Tim/Dick, 1468 words, NC-17)
Miranda Rights (Roy/Dick, 1836 words, NC-17)
Moonlight Ballet (Steph/Cass, 279 words, G)
Novelty (Dick/Jason/Dick, 1300 words, R)
Operative (Barbara/Dinah, 250 words, PG-13)
Over A Barrel (Jason/Dick, 300 words, NC-17)
Paradisaical (Roy/Donna/Kory/Dick, 494 words, PG-13)
Personate (Clark/Bruce, 431 words, NC-17)
Pheromone Moans (Gar/Tim, 1527 words, R)
Prey (Harley/Ivy, 250 words, PG)
Red, Red, Red And Yellow (Jason/Steph, 1046 words, NC-17)
Rewards Of Return (Bruce/Selina, 315 words, PG-13)
Ride Red (Ivy/Harley, 250 words, PG-13)
Road-Head (Roy/Dick, 355 words, NC-17)
Safety Precautions (Roy/Dick, 764 words, NC-17)
Scaled (Bruce/Dick, 465 words, R)
Seducere (Steph/Kate, 955 words, R)
Semi-Precious (Ivy/Harley, 786 words, PG-13)
Shrine (Diana/Lois, 742 words, NC-17)
Skip A Beat (Tim/Kon, 490 words, PG-13)
Slickly Shared (Kon/Tim, 1159 words, NC-17)
Spank Your Monkey (Knockout/Kon, 1524 words, R)
Strange Embrace (Cassie/M'gann, 249 words, PG)
Stretching Point (Bruce/Dick, 487 words, NC-17)
Sunbeaming (Tim/Kon, 498 words, PG-13)
Super-Blue (Steph/Kara, 1267 words, NC-17)
Symphony (Steph/Cass, 209 words, NC-17)
Take What You Get (Roy/Dick, 497 words, PG-13)
Taste The Green (Tim/Damian, 2271 words, NC-17)
Taxing (Dick/Tim, 1459 words, NC-17)
The Dangerous Games (Rose/Cassie, 249 words, R)
The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Dick/Tim, 3342 words, NC-17)
The Good Kind (Harley/Selina, 250 words, PG)
The Other Side Of Love (Renee/Kate, 198 words, PG-13)
The Passion Game (Barbara/Cass, 250 words, PG-13)
The Time And Place (Steph/Kara, 218 words, NC-17)
Tickled Pink (Harley/Ivy, 1137 words, NC-17)
To Be Continued? (Tim/Kon, 456 words, G)
To Cling, To Cleave (Dick/Bruce, 947 words, PG)
Together Burned (Jason/Dick/Tim, 885 words, NC-17)
Token Gestures (Jason/Roy/Kori, 612 words, NC-17)
Tornado Warning (Kate/Renee, 210 words, R)
Treasured Trail (Harley/Ivy, 250 words, R)
Two Women In Love (Grace/Anissa, 238 words, PG)
Under My Sneered Lips (Jason/Dick, 1947 words, NC-17)
Unmasked (Kon/Tim, 1523 words, NC-17)
Unzipped (Bruce/Selina, 494 words, NC-17)
White Picket Fences (Ivy/Harley, 602 words, NC-17)

Detailed masterlist found here.

Adulterant (Peter Pan, Hook/Pan, 498 words, PG-13)
All At Sea (The Little Mermaid/The Princess And The Frog, Eric/Naveen, 496 words, NC-17)
Alternative Uses (The Princess And The Frog/The Little Mermaid, Tiana/Ariel, 467 words, R)
Baring Her Teeth (Brave, Merida/Elinor, 143 words, PG)
Bedtime Stories (Tangled/Beauty And The Beast, Rapunzel/Belle, 330 words, NC-17)
Bow And Arrow And Smile (Brave/Aladdin, Merida/Jasmine, 169 words, G)
Branded (Frozen, Anna/Elsa, 460 words, PG-13)
Chasten (Frozen, Kristoff/Hans, 377 words, NC-17)
Chink In Her Armour (Hercules/The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Megara/Esmeralda, 263 words, NC-17)
Citrus (Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell/Vidia, 397 words, G)
Clarity (The Incredibles, Violet/Syndrome, 355 words, G)
Clasp (Tinker Bell, Clank/Bobble, 571 words, G)
Cold As Vice (Frozen, Elsa/Hans, 404 words, NC-17)
Cold Spot (Hercules/Frozen, Megara/Elsa, 386 words, NC-17)
Confined, Consoled (Aladdin/Mulan, Jasmine/Mulan, 369 words, R)
Contradictions (Brave/Frozen, Merida/Elsa, 170 words, G)
Coolth (Frozen, Elsa/Anna, 250 words, PG-13)
Creamy Smooth (The Princess And The Frog, Charlotte/Tiana, 243 words, PG-13)
Death By Monkeys (The Princess And The Frog/Tarzan, Naveen/Tarzan, 481 words, PG)
Découverte (Beauty And The Beast/The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Belle/Esmeralda, 483 words, G)
Dirty Work (Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Vinny/Mole, 446 words, G)
Down In The Depths Of Slumber (Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent/Aurora, 470 words, PG)
Dust Up (Tinker Bell, Vidia/Tinker Bell, 1102 words, NC-17)
Evangeline (The Princess And The Frog, Tiana/Charlotte, 220 words, G)
Fairest Temptation (Hercules/Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Megara/Snow White, 200 words, PG)
Fairest Unfair (Sleeping Beauty/Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Maleficent/Queen Grimhilde, 462 words, R)
Fanning The Flames (Brave/Frozen, Merida/Elsa, 148 words, NC-17)
Fathomable (The Little Mermaid, Eric/Ariel, 1044 words, R)
Feelings Nursed (Mulan/Pocahontas, Mulan/Pocahontas, 250 words, PG)
Florally (Frozen/Tangled, Anna/Rapunzel, 250 words, PG)
Flower Golden (Tangled, Gothel/Rapunzel, 180 words, NC-17)
Flurry (Frozen/Brave, Elsa/Merida, 1021 words, NC-17)
Footsteps (Cinderella, Prince Charming/Cinderella, 231 words, R)
Get Set (Treasure Planet/Aladdin, Jim/Aladdin, 409 words, R)
Gleefully Outmanoeuvred (Frozen/The Princess And The Frog, Hans/Charlotte, 499 words, R)
Grateful Chorus (Mary Poppins, Mary/Winifred, 200 words, G)
Handled With Care (Frozen, Elsa/Anna, 200 words, PG)
Hard Wear (Wreck It Ralph/Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Calhoun/Helga, 426 words, NC-17)
Hook, Line And Sinker (The Little Mermaid, Ursula/Ariel, 250 words, PG)
In Hot Water (Frozen, Kristoff/Anna, 495 words, R)
Interlopers Interrupted (Aladdin/The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Jasmine/Esmeralda, 250 words, PG-13)
In The Bloom Of A Rose (Sleeping Beauty/Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Aurora/Snow White, 1265 words, PG-13)
In The Cold Of The Night (Frozen, Anna/Elsa, 262 words, PG)
Intoxicating (Frozen/Sleeping Beauty, Elsa/Aurora, 215 words, PG)
Jaloux (Beauty And The Beast, Lumiere/Cogsworth, 579 words, G)
Kiss Of Life (Tangled/The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel/Ariel, 2986 words, R)
Kitty-Cornered (Treasure Planet, Amelia/Sarah, 348 words, R)
Liquored Down (Tangled, Stabbington Brothers/Flynn, 5658 words, NC-17)
Making Memories (Beauty And The Beast/Brave, Belle/Merida, 558 words, NC-17)
Making Her Head Swim (Hercules/The Little Mermaid, Megara/Ariel, 211 words, PG-13)
Muddied (Pocahontas, Pocahontas/Nakoma, 470 words, PG)
Navel-Gazing (Frozen/Aladdin, Anna/Jasmine, 293 words, G)
On The Same Page (Tangled/Beauty And The Beast, Flynn/Belle, 2550 words, R)
Parting Is Such Sly Sorrow (Frozen/Tangled, Hans/Flynn, 499 words, PG)
Peers (Frozen, Kristoff/Elsa/Anna, 462 words, PG)
Playtime (Frozen, Anna/Elsa, 250 words, NC-17)
Porky (Toy Story, Hamm/Andy, 898 words, R)
Pout Paint (Tangled/Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Rapunzel/Jessica, 277 words, G)
Readiness (Treasure Planet, Silver/Jim, 475 words, NC-17)
Red Raw (Alice In Wonderland, Queen Of Hearts/Alice, 236 words, NC-17)
Sappy (Pocahontas, Pocahontas/Nakoma, 150 words, PG)
Shards (Frozen, Hans/Kristoff, 1227 words, R)
Sheathed (Beauty And The Beast, Belle/Beast, 1150 words, R)
Shells (The Little Mermaid, Vanessa/Ariel, 1135 words, NC-17)
Sherry Sweet (Peter Pan/Alice In Wonderland, Wendy/Alice, 450 words, G)
Shields Broken (Treasure Planet, Silver/Jim, 2587 words, NC-17)
Shipboard (Pocahontas, Thomas/John, 497 words, R)
Shore (The Little Mermaid/Aladdin, Ariel/Jasmine, 613 words, NC-17)
Show Of Power (Hercules, Hercules/Megara, 417 words, NC-17)
Side-Splitting (Frozen/Tangled, Anna/Rapunzel, 427 words, PG-13)
Skin Deep (The Princess And The Frog, Lawrence/Naveen, 1729 words, PG)
Slippers (Sleeping Beauty/Cinderella, Aurora/Cinderella, 230 words, PG)
Slippery Subconscious (The Little Mermaid, Ariel/Ursula, 698 words, NC-17)
Snow-Kissed (Frozen, Elsa/Anna, 748 words, R)
Speedily (Tinker Bell, Vidia/Tinker Bell, 250 words, R)
Spoiled Rotten (Mary Poppins/The Princess And The Frog, Mary/Charlotte, 424 words, NC-17)
Stilettos And Style (The Emperor's New Groove, Kuzco/Pacha, 498 words, G)
Struck (Hercules, Hades/Hercules, 317 words, G)
Stuffed With Fluff (Toy Story/Winnie The Pooh, Andy/Christopher Robin, 489 words, PG)
The Bells Of Fate (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame/Beauty And The Beast, Quasimodo/Belle, 497 words, G)
Tied Neatly With A Bow (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs/Sleeping Beauty, Snow White/Aurora, 254 words, PG)
Tourist Attractions (Wreck It Ralph/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs/Aladdin/The Princess And The Frog/Tangled/Beauty And The Beast/The Little Mermaid/Brave/Cinderella, Calhoun/Aurora, Calhoun/Snow White, Calhoun/Jasmine, Calhoun/Tiana, Calhoun/Rapunzel, Calhoun/Belle, Calhoun/Ariel, Calhoun/Merida, Calhoun/Cinderella, 3462 words, NC-17)
Turnover (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Queen Grimhilde/Snow White, 324 words, PG-13)
Twisted Timestream (Meet The Robinsons, Wilbur/Lewis, 499 words, PG)
Two To Tango (The Princess And The Frog, Naveen/Tiana, 324 words, NC-17)
Uncoiled (The Little Mermaid/Frozen, Ursula/Elsa, 311 words, NC-17)
Unravelled (Tangled, Flynn/Rapunzel, 1690 words, NC-17)
Vantage Point (Cinderella, Lady Tremaine/Cinderella, 1271 words, NC-17)
Wake Up Call (The Princess And The Frog/Tangled, Tiana/Rapunzel, 250 words, R)
Warm Fluff (Lady And The Tramp/The Aristocats, Lady/Duchess, 326 words, G)
Washout (Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell/Silvermist, 327 words, R)
Wastelands Waning (Cinderella/Frozen, Cinderella/Elsa, 200 words, G)
Why Does It Burn (The Little Mermaid/Beauty And The Beast, Ariel/Belle, 200 words, R)
Wishing On A Snowflake (Tinker Bell/Frozen, Periwinkle/Elsa, 384 words, G)
Wrestled (Atlantis: The Lost Empire/Mulan, Kida/Mulan, 167 words, PG)

Flaming (Chandler/Joey, 746 words, PG)
Scripted (Phoebe/Monica/Rachel, 718 words, PG-13)

Ambush (Santana/Lauren, 581 words, NC-17)
Blonde (Santana/Brittany, 250 words, NC-17)
A Touch Too Much (Puck/Finn, 2906 words, NC-17)
Interlude (Santana/Brittany, 1090 words, NC-17)
Rock And A Frustrated Place (Rachel/Santana, 250 words, PG)
Sweetly Sour (Quinn/Brittany/Santana, 250 words, PG)

Plush (Rizzo/Frenchie/Jan/Marty, 537 words, PG-13)

Backfired (Penny/Amber, 1076 words, PG-13)
Bountiful (Maybelle/Edna, 758 words, PG)
Charmed (Shelley/Amber, 1456 words, PG)
Crescendo (Tracy/Penny, 1011 words, NC-17)
Dip (Velma/Penny, 713 words, PG)
Fishing For Opportunity (Velma/Tracy, 250 words, G)
Lacquer (Tracy/Amber, 940 words, PG)
Precarious (Tracy/Penny/Amber, 704 words, R)
Step (Maybelle/The Dynamites, 511 words, R)
Sugar Melt (Amber/The Dynamites, 2185 words, NC-17)
Turn (Maybelle/Velma, 528 words, G)

Detailed masterlist coming soon. In the meantime, fics under 500 words found here, fics of 500 or more words found here.

Best Laid Plans (Inuyasha/Miroku, 1641 words, NC-17)
Bloom (Tsubaki/Momiji/Botan, 559 words, R)

Ajar (Sora/Riku, 320 words, G)
Bubbliness (Sora/Ariel, 319 words, G)
Drained (Leon/Cloud, 477 words, PG)
Engram (Axel/Roxas/Xion, 484 words, G)
Far Beyond Saving (Axel/Roxas, 367 words, PG-13)
Green-Eyed Monster (Axel/Vexen, 312 words, PG)
Hearts Turning Cartwheels (Kairi/Yuffie, 220 words, G)
Heat Sparks (Larxene/Jasmine, 486 words, NC-17)
Inscribe (Aerith/Belle, 318 words, G)
Passive Forgetful (Larxene/Naminé, 250 words, G)
Sharps (Axel/Larxene, 497 words, NC-17)
Shots And Spirals (Leon/Cloud, 1367 words, NC-17)
Sticky Sweet (Sora/Riku/Kairi, 315 words, G)
Supernova (Naminé/Xion, 372 words, G)
The Scent Of Sunsets (Riku/Naminé, 473 words, G)
Unbirthday Wishes (Kairi/Yuffie, 485 words, G)
Whispered Despicable (Riku/Sora, 1332 words, R)

A Baring Of Teeth (Nebula/Gamora, 648 words, NC-17)
Abyss (Agents Of SHIELD crossover, Raina/Maya, 250 words, PG)
A Glass Full Of Bubbles (Peggy/Angie, 942 words, NC-17)
Ain't Got No Restraint (Jessica/Luke, 557 words, NC-17)
Alight (The Amazing Spider-Man crossover, Darcy/Gwen, 250 words, R)
Amenable (Sif/Darcy, 250 words, NC-17)
American Smooth (Clint/Steve, 498 words, PG)
A Moment's Breath (Natasha/Wanda, 499 words, G)
Analysed (JARVIS/Tony, 498 words, NC-17)
A Second's Relief (Maria/Natasha, 200 words, PG)
Assemblage (Steve/Natasha/Rhodey/Sam/Wanda/Vision, 1657 words, NC-17)
Auditorium (Betty/Jane, 250 words, NC-17)
Bartended (Matt/Luke, 498 words, PG)
Bedside Manner (Natasha/Helen, 250 words, G)
Beg To Filth (Tony/Steve, 1446 words, NC-17)
Bejewelled (Jessica/Trish, 1605 words, NC-17)
Beneficial (Darcy/Jane, 250 words, NC-17)
Beyond Touched (Foggy/Matt, 1557 words, NC-17)
Bidding Hard And Fast (Natasha/Pepper, 1020 words, NC-17)
Blood Red, Red Desire (Elektra/Matt/Frank, 3077 words, NC-17)
Bored Meetings (Maria/Natasha, 250 words, R)
Bound And Bonding (Pepper/Natasha, 416 words, NC-17)
Breakfast In Bed (Steve/Sam, 357 words, PG-13)
Cheekily (Frigga/Darcy, 250 words, R)
Close Call (Darcy/Pepper, 250 words, R)
Clued-Up (Drax/Peter, 488 words, PG-13)
Conference Confederate (Pepper/Natasha, 497 words, NC-17)
Contestable (Natasha/Sif, 250 words, G)
Couched (Natasha/Maria, 250 words, PG-13)
Cradlesong (Pietro/Helen, 499 words, G)
Cute And Maul (Groot/Rocket, 352 words, G)
Cycles (Rhodey/Tony, 963 words, NC-17)
Dawn From Dusk (Jessica/Trish, 1090 words, NC-17)
Deep Connections (Natasha/Bucky, 1077 words, NC-17)
Destruction And Defiance (Sharon/Gamora, 250 words, PG)
Discretion Advised (Agents Of SHIELD crossover, May/Natasha, 220 words, NC-17)
Displays (Marci/Vanessa, 250 words, PG)
Disrobed (Frigga/Sif, 250 words, R)
Drive (Pepper/Hope, 499 words, NC-17)
Electricity (X-Men crossover, Sif/Ororo, 145 words, G)
Eloquently (Sif/Jane, 250 words, NC-17)
Experiments And Controls (Bruce/Tony, 2943 words, NC-17)
Exposure To Exposure (Darcy/Sif, 250 words, R)
Fallback (Peggy/Sif, 240 words, PG)
Feeling The Give (Natasha/Wanda, 1005 words, NC-17)
Fell Off The Welcome Wagon (Rhodey/Tony/Sam/Natasha/Thor, 699 words, PG-13)
Fine Print (Marci/Christine, 499 words, NC-17)
Floorshow (Darcy/Sif, 250 words, R)
Forget In Her Skin (Claire/Karen, 497 words, NC-17)
Forgiveness Fucked Through (Natasha/Steve, 1345 words, NC-17)
Four In A Bed (Clint/Natasha/Laura, 495 words, NC-17)
Fragrancy (Matt/Karen, 266 words, G)
From Beneath (Natasha/Wanda, 250 words, NC-17)
Frostbound (Jessica/Jeri, 953 words, NC-17)
Fuzzy Physics (Darcy/Jane, 893 words, PG-13)
Getting Down And Dirt-Bag (Angie/Jack, 499 words, NC-17)
Give-And-Take (Pepper/Maria, 250 words, PG)
Going Down, Going Under (Loki/Tony, 2618 words, NC-17)
Golden (Peggy/Steve/Bucky, 498 words, NC-17)
Gripped Tight (Tony/Pepper, 200 words, PG-13)
Halfway To Calm (Sam/Bucky/Steve, 496 words, G)
Handling (Steve/Bucky, 468 words, R)
Heavy Beats (Natasha/Darcy, 1322 words, NC-17)
Held, Released (Luke/Jessica/Trish, 778 words, NC-17)
Here It Goes Again (Claire/Natasha, 490 words, NC-17)
High Hard Up (Rhodey/Tony, 493 words, R)
Hypothesising (Agents Of SHIELD crossover, Simmons/Jane, 250 words, PG-13)
In Ashes (Pepper/Maya, 215 words, PG)
Indelibility (Claire/Jessica, 1459 words, NC-17)
Indigo (Maria/Pepper/Natasha, 1829 words, NC-17)
Infatuazione Pericoloso (Fisk/Vanessa/Wesley, 498 words, NC-17)
Infinite Impatience (Jane/Darcy, 1538 words, NC-17)
Innovating (Vision/Tony, 499 words, NC-17)
Inscrutable (Wanda/Natasha, 1637 words, NC-17)
Instigate (Darcy/Jane, 250 words, NC-17)
Intent (Thor/Loki, 497 words, R)
Intermediary (Thor/Darcy/Jane, 1075 words, R)
Internship (The Amazing Spider-Man crossover, Darcy/Gwen, 5102 words, NC-17)
In The Palm Of Her Hand (Sif/Jane, 250 words, PG-13)
Jingle Boobs (Jane/Darcy, 562 words, R)
Joint Custody (Rhodey/Pepper/Tony, 465 words, PG)
Journalistic Integrity (Christine/Natasha, 456 words, NC-17)
Leery (Peggy/Lorraine, 300 words, PG)
Left And Slow (Bucky/Steve, 1097 words, NC-17)
Liaison (Peggy/Natasha, 917 words, NC-17)
Liberated (Natasha/Sam/Steve, 1012 words, NC-17)
Like Lightning (Thor/Darcy, 1857 words, NC-17)
Lit On Up (Drax/Peter, 498 words, R)
Little Red Lies (Foggy/Matt, 497 words, R)
Living For The Chase (Dottie/Peggy, 675 words, G)
Match Point (Pepper/Sif, 1782 words, NC-17)
Matchup (Peter/Steve, 425 words, NC-17)
Mediacy (Rhodey/Tony, 497 words, PG-13)
Melting (Darcy/Jane, 250 words, G)
Mistress Of Mage (Sif/Loki, 490 words, R)
My Kind Of Wonderful (Peter/Gamora, 480 words, NC-17)
Office Attire (Tony/Pepper, 496 words, PG-13)
Off The Record (Jessica/Karen, 1944 words, NC-17)
Oil And Watering Mouth (Darcy/Sif, 1310 words, R)
Olive Branch (Groot/Peter/Gamora/Drax/Rocket, 441 words, G)
One Fell Swoop (Sam/Bucky, 459 words, PG)
Opaque (Natasha/Maria/Pepper, 1078 words, NC-17)
Oral Presentation (Darcy/Jane, 656 words, NC-17)
Overt Meets Covert (Agents Of SHIELD crossover, Darcy/May, 926 words, G)
Palmar (The Amazing Spider-Man crossover, Gwen/Darcy, 250 words, R)
Pattern Recognition (Hope/Pepper, 893 words, NC-17)
Perspire Desire (Maria/Natasha/Sif, 250 words, NC-17)
Philosophy Of Infatuation (Jane/Darcy/Sif, 250 words, NC-17)
Pirouette (Natasha/Wanda, 322 words, R)
Play Hard (Steve/Natasha, 495 words, NC-17)
Point-Blank (Drax/Peter, 353 words, NC-17)
Pressured (Hope/Scott, 499 words, R)
Quick Catharsis (Steve/Pietro, 3269 words, NC-17)
Quickstep (Steve/Peggy, 495 words, R)
Quite The Spectacle (Darcy/Jane, 655 words, R)
Red For Warning (X-Men crossover, Natasha/Jean, 376 words, PG)
Rediscoveries (Pietro/Wanda, 1746 words, NC-17)
Red-Tinted Nightmares (Wanda/Natasha, 576 words, G)
Relish (Natasha/Bruce, 852 words, PG-13)
Rend Mine Skin (Thor/Loki, 2535 words, NC-17)
Restless (Sif/Darcy, 418 words, NC-17)
Revivable (Sharon/Maria, 451 words, NC-17)
Rollover (Gamora/Natasha, 250 words, NC-17)
Romp (The Amazing Spider-Man crossover, Darcy/Gwen, 250 words, PG-13)
Room Service (Jane/Darcy, 250 words, PG)
Sand Shark (Tony/Steve, 491 words, NC-17)
Scratching Beneath The Surface (Tony/Natasha, 483 words, G)
Sharpshooting (Clint/Coulson, 496 words, PG)
Shoehorned (The Amazing Spider-Man crossover, Darcy/Gwen, 250 words, PG)
Slacks And Buckles (Peggy/Bucky/Steve, 1441 words, NC-17)
Soapsuds (Steve/Bucky/Thor, 1107 words, NC-17)
So Much For Stage Fright (Angie/Peggy, 250 words, PG)
Southpaw (Sam/Steve, 975 words, NC-17)
Spars And Sparks (Maria/Natasha, 1033 words, R)
Splint (Maria/Natasha, 250 words, R)
Stained Souls (Fisk/Wesley, 434 words, NC-17)
Stalled With A Smirk (Darcy/Jane/Sif, 250 words, PG)
Steering (Steve/Natasha, 1253 words, R)
Stitch By Stitch (Pepper/Natasha, 1395 words, NC-17)
Stopwatch (Natasha/Sif, 1664 words, NC-17)
Striking (Natasha/Wanda, 250 words, NC-17)
Stubbornly Asinine (Tony/Pietro, 889 words, NC-17)
Stupid Grins And Heavy Palms (Sif/Jane, 1749 words, NC-17)
Swapsies (Darcy/Sif, 250 words, PG)
Sweet Savagery (Nebula/Gamora, 250 words, NC-17)
Switched It Up (Clint/Pietro, 4093 words, NC-17)
Talk American To Me (Natasha/Wanda, 250 words, NC-17)
Talking Loud, Talking Fast (Clint/Pietro, 875 words, NC-17)
Teamworked (Maria/Wanda/Natasha, 703 words, NC-17)
That Sizzle (Karen/Marci, 950 words, NC-17)
The Beauty Of Betrayal (Nebula/Gamora, 250 words, PG-13)
The Lethality Of Looks (Natasha/Maria, 390 words, PG)
The Thought That Counts (Jane/Darcy, 1587 words, NC-17)
Thoroughly (Darcy/Sif, 607 words, NC-17)
To Yearn (Jane/Sif, 250 words, G)
Trigger (Natasha/Clint, 271 words, PG-13)
Underhanded (Darcy/Sif, 250 words, PG-13)
Unified (Sif/Gamora/Nebula, 250 words, NC-17)
Verbalised (Clint/Pietro, 1108 words, NC-17)
Verisimilitude (Natasha/Sharon, 250 words, PG-13)
Visional (Heimdall/Thor, 327 words, NC-17)
Vociferous (Peggy/Angie, 846 words, NC-17)
Vulnerability In Hand (Pepper/Natasha, 685 words, NC-17)
Waking Ease (Thor/Jane, 268 words, G)
Warm-Up (Bruce/Clint/Natasha/Steve/Thor/Tony, 491 words, NC-17)
Wash Out (Thor/Jane/Darcy, 468 words, PG-13)
Weightless (Gamora/Nebula, 405 words, NC-17)
Well-Matched (Hope/Natasha, 785 words, R)
Wielded And Weighted (Bruce/Tony, 497 words, NC-17)
Winding Up To Wind Down (Clint/Pietro, 497 words, NC-17)
With An Artist's Eye (Steve/Bucky, 482 words, R)
With A View From Down Low (Thor/Natasha/Clint/Bruce/Tony/Steve, 1885 words, NC-17)
Work It Out (Sam/Steve, 400 words, R)
Worshipful (Sif/Natasha, 785 words, NC-17)

Like Candy (Regina/Gretchen/Karen, 682 words, R)
Sink (Janis/Regina, 1773 words, NC-17)

Detailed masterlist coming soon. In the meantime, fics under 500 words found here, fics of 500 or more words found here.

Crawling (Tia Dalma/Elizabeth, 993 words, R)
Material (Anamaria/Elizabeth, 240 words, R)
Sealed (Davy Jones/Jack, 1216 words, NC-17)
Wasted (Jack/Jack/Jack/Jack/Jack, 656 words, NC-17)

My Fashion Statement (Dr. Cox/JD, 1707 words, R)

All Fall Down (Sam/Dean, 1057 words, NC-17)
Choking On Surrender (John/Dean, 605 words, NC-17)
Tricks And Trades (Bobby/John, 1509 words, NC-17)

Detailed masterlist found here.

Flavourful (Donna/Jackie, 1491 words, PG-13)

Shooting The Messenger (Owen/Ianto, 4260 words, NC-17)

Ride (Bumblebee/Sam, 1502 words, NC-17)

Detailed masterlist coming soon. In the meantime, fics under 500 words found here, fics of 500 or more words found here.

Detailed masterlist found here.
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